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The Unthinkable Drama Festival 2023: MORNING by Simon Stephens

The Unthinkable Drama Festival 2023: MORNING by Simon Stephens

17 Jun (Sat) - 02 Jul (Sun)

17 Jun 2023 (Sat) | 20:15
21 Jun 2023 (Wed) | 20:15
22 Jun 2023 (Thu) | 20:15
25 Jun 2023 (Sun) | 20:15
26 Jun 2023 (Mon) | 20:15
29 Jun 2023 (Thu) | 20:15
02 Jul 2023 (Sun) | 16:00

Academy Studio Theatre
Price Info:
$50 - $95
Drama in Cantonese

“Everybody wants hope shining through darkness and there isn’t any.”


That summer, we graduated from high school at the age of seventeen.


In an ordinary and depressing small town, two friends were about to embark on very different paths.

One was trapped here, while the other was preparing to leave.

But they would never forget one moment;

the same moment that would change their lives forever.


British playwright Simon Stephens, using his delicate and sharp writing style, collaborated with a group of young performers from Lyric Hammersmith to explore the confusion and restlessness of the new generation, the feelings of unease and dissatisfaction with the world they live in, and created a brutal coming-of-age play.


Playwright: Simon Stephens


Director / Translator : Yip Man-lai*


Project Manager: Fong Ho-yin


Lighting Designer: Wong Tsz-chung


Choreographers#: Chan Ka-Yan, Man Tsun-yin


Cast#: Chan Ka-yan, Lam Yau-hin, Man Tsun-yin, Tse Ka-hei, Wong Hoi-man, Yu Ka-Yat


Drama in Cantonese

This production contains coarse language, sensitive content, and violent scenes, only suitable for audience aged 12 or above


*Graduating student of Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree in Drama (Directing)

#School of Drama students



The Unthinkable Drama Festival 2023 is conceptualized and organized by the School of Drama. Continuing the spirit of "unthinkable", three graduating Directing students will lead the actors and production team to break through imagination and provide a fresh and daring interpretation of classic works. The other two plays include Edward Albee's At Home at the Zoo (The Zoo Story) and Poon Wai-sum’s The Massage King.


The three productions will be performed alternately, showcasing the confusion and transformation of life during adolescence, adulthood, and middle age, hoping to provoke a conversation with the contemporary audience about the meaning of life.