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WONG Estella

Associate Professor and Head of Academic Studies/Applied Theatre




Estella Wong is currently the Acting Dean of the School of Drama, Associate Professor and the Head of Academic studies/ Applied Theatre. Graduated from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and Birmingham City University, Estella Wong joined two professional theatre companies, Prospects Theatre Company and Chung Ying Theatre Company, before joining the Academy as a full-time faculty member in 2008. Her earlier creative works include 4.48 Psychosis by On and On theatre and the original musical production The Chiu Chow Groom by Rayanita production as leading actress, Broadway musical Once on this Island by Hong Kong 3 Arts Musical Institute and Homo Superus by 2 On Stage as assistant director. Recent works include the innovative "Online Interactive mini-ethnotheatre Trilogy" See You Zoom and See You Zoom Again by Case One as director, both created under the pandemic 2020. In March 2021, See You Zoom was named “Featured Work of 2020” by the International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong). Being an advocate of applied theatre & drama education and active alumnus of the Academy since late 90s, Estella has designed the first certificate course (jointly with Chung Ying Theatre Company) Drama education techniques for drama tutors for the Academy’s drama students in 2002; developed the first local public examination Theatre subject module as an ApL subject in 2012; designed and established the first local Master of Fine Arts programme Drama and Theatre Education major in 2008; and designed the first local Bachelor of Fine Arts programme Applied Theatre major in 2020 (to be launched 2022). Her publications include Applying Theatre (co-authored 2011), chapter contributor of Performing research: Tensions, triumphs and trade-offs of Ethnodrama (edited by Ackroyd & O'Toole, 2010), Chinese translation of Dramawise: An Introduction of GCSE of Drama by Brad Haseman & John O’Toole (2005), Chinese translation of Gavin Bolton: Essential Writings by David Davis (2013), editor of Risks and Opportunities: the Tension in Hong Kong (2007). Wong was a member of the academic committee in IDEA 07 hosted in Hong Kong, and the chairperson of academic committee in the World Conference of Drama Education in Chinese Communities (DECC) in 09.  She is currently an international external advisory of the Research-based Theatre Cluster in the University of British Columbia, she also serves as the board member of Pants Production and Hong Kong Teacher’s Drama Association (HKTDA). Estella Wong Applied Theatre and Drama Education Scholarships has been founded in 2010 for the academy drama students who have shown outstanding committment in the Applied theatre and drama education field, more than 20 graduate and undergraduate students have been awarded thus far.