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2024/25 FTV Admission interview list


Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree in Film and Television

Applicants are expected to meet the General Admission Requirement of the Academy for Bachelor Honours Degree Programmes or have relevant experience in film and television. Those with experience in other related fields (eg. writing, theatre production, music production) are also eligible to apply.

Applicants should

  • Complete the online application form
  • Applicants should submit a total no more than 3 supportive pieces of work and all work presented must be the original creative work of the applicant.  At least one of the submitted works must be a screen work.  For each piece of work, please provide a brief description in both Chinese and English. The maximum length of each screen work is 5 minutes. Applicants must clearly indicate which role(s) they performed on each submitted work. Screen work can be fiction or non-fiction created on video in any form such as animation, montage of still images, music video, documentary, video diary, instructive video, etc.
  • Other types of acceptable supportive work are: written work, visual art work, still photographic work, audio work such as music or sound creation, etc.  For written work, applicants may submit creative, factual or instructional writing of any type. Each item should not exceed 1300 words.  For still photographic work, 3 separate photographs will be treated as 1 item.  For screen or audio work, applicants may upload to and then submit playback links of popular online sites such as Google, YouTube and Vimeo, etc. (applicants must provide passwords for links where necessary).
  • Applicants should possess ability of comprehension and communication in Chinese and Cantonese.

*Applicants are required to submit supportive portfolio work otherwise no interview will be arranged.


Master of Fine Arts in Cinema Production

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