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Film and television is about teamwork. The director is one of a team and so are producer, sound recordist and designer, editor, screenwriter, cinematographer and production designer, each making his/her own particular creative and technical contribution to the whole.

The School of Film and Television programmes are designed to develop in the students high level film and television skills at the technical and craft level, as well as to nurture and encourage their creative and artistic development. They will also prepare them for work in a variety of different creative, technical and professional situations.

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School of Film and Television Students' Course Work

Career Prospects

Not only is Hong Kong an important centre of film production in the world but its television industry, cable and internet digital video production sector has been undergoing rapid expansion. All three areas offer numerous exciting and rewarding positions with a constant demand for well-trained graduates in Film and Television.


Graduates from the Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) Degree programme in Film and Television are qualified for employment as Producers, Production Managers, Screenwriters, Directors, Camerapersons, Editors or Sound Recordists/Designers. Chances for promotion to senior positions are high for those graduates with ability, knowledge, commitment and interpersonal skills.