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The Academy Libraries is composed of the Academy Library and the Music Library in Wanchai campus and the Film and Television Library in Bethanie campus.


Academy Library

The Academy Library is located on the Ground Floor of the Academy Block; and is the focal point of user activities due to its central and convenient location. It was opened in 1986 with a collection of about 25,000 items. Many of the items were from notable donations: the HK Conservatory of Music, the Ernest Read Orchestral Collection, the Lady Kotewall Collection and the Leathlean Collection of phonodiscs. Since its inception, the Library has built up a sizeable collection of performing scores, plays, motion pictures, audio recordings and videos.

Film and Television Library

The Film and Television Library, a compact branch library, was opened in September 2007 to serve the Bethanie Campus.

Music Library

The Music Library, a closed stack library, houses collections of performance scores including the unique Ernest Read Orchestral Collection.