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Interlibrary loan service is provided free-of-charge to Academy staff and students for supporting teaching, learning and research to obtain from other sources the literature not available in the Academy Libraries.

Before submitting your Interlibrary Loan requests, please check Primo@Lib to make sure the Library does not have your required items.

Who are eligible for ILL service?

Full-time academic staff

Part-time academic staff

Full-time non-academic staff

Postgraduate students

Undergraduate and Post-secondary Programmes students (endorsement from academic staff required)

How to submit ILL requests?

Interlibrary Loan requests can be submitted to Circulation Counter at the Academy Library or Film and Television Library by filling in the following form:

Inter-Library Loans Request Form

How can users pick up the requested items?

The Library will notify the users by email when the requested item is ready for collection. For journal articles, the Library will send the electronic copy to the users.