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Academy Library

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The Academy Library houses the Main Stack of books for loan, Reference Collection, Archive Collection, Audiovisual Collection and the Music Score Collection. Besides the physical collections, the Library also provides different rooms and facilities to support learning and teaching.

  • Information Commons
  • Research Consultation Room
  • Seminar Rooms
  • Learning Commons
  • Learning Resources Room
  • Audiovisual Equipment
Information Commons

Intended to support users’ information search, the Information Commons provides 6 computers that are installed with various software and network-connected to a flatbed scanner and two photocopiers/printers nearby.


Above the Information Commons, three LED TVs are installed for announcing selected new resources and showcasing students' works.

Research Consultation Room

The Research Consultation Room is designed for providing one-on-one Research Consultation Service to users on request. Users are welcome to contact the Library in person, by whatsapp or email to request for this service when needed.

Seminar Rooms

To support collaborative study and Library’s user education, three Seminar Rooms of different sizes and equipped with PC and AV equipment are available for online booking by students and staff via the Library Seminar Room Booking System. For details about the facilities in each individual room, please refer to this page.

Learning Commons

Established since 2015, the Learning Commons aims to support collaborative learning. The 26 seats in 10 movable tables can be turned into various shapes to meet the different study styles and different occasions.

Learning Resources Room

The Learning Resources Room is mainly designed to support individual study and study in groups. Besides study carrels, AV carrels, group tables and 10 PC/iMac workstations are also provided in the Room. All PCs are network-connected to the nearby photocopier/printer and A3 flatbed scanner. The Room is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. After Library closing, users can enter the room using the entrance near the Canteen on M/F.

Audiovisual Equipment

Users can play the audiovisual materials housed on G/F of the Library at the AV carrels in the Learning Resources Room. Those carrels are equipped with different types of audiovisual equipment, including DVD player, blu-ray player, CD player, VHS recorder, LD player, etc.

Computing Equipment

21 public PCs are provided in the Academy Library. For details on those PCs and installed software, please refer to this page.

Book Sterilizer

A UV+Ozone book sterilizer can be found near the Circulation Counter of the Academy Library. Users can use it to sterilize the library books and materials that they want to borrow. Please see the demonstration video HERE.