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Academic Writer (Formerly APA Style CENTRAL)

14 January 2019 Category : Library

Academic Writer is the revamped platform of APA Style CENTRAL. It is comprised of three independent but integrated centers: Learning Center, Reference Center (formerly known as the Research Center), and Writing Center, featuring full integration of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association® and hundreds of learning objects, including instructional videos, quizzes, samples, and more.


With an Academic Writer account, you can:

  • Build a reference library using customizable forms
  • Compose papers using structured templates
  • Collaborate on writing assignments with other account holders


If you already have an APA Style CENTRAL account, you can login to Academic Writer with your existing username (email) and password, and then access the references and papers stored within APA Style CENTRAL.


If you do not have an account in APA Style CENTRAL, you can follow the steps below to create your new account:

  1. Click Welcome and then Log In at the upper right corner
  2. On the Log In page, click Create an Account
  3. Complete the registration form and then click CREATE ACCOUNT


Training materials on using Academic Writer are available at