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Honour the Past and Create the Future

07 February 2018 Category : Library


You may have noted that Millennium, our current library system has been serving us for more than 20 years. However, its system architecture can no longer keep up with the technological change and the new demands.


Time has come for us to move to the new discovery platform “Primo@Lib” which will go live on 22 February 2018. “Primo@Lib” can offer all the current library services and more as we continue to customize it according to your preference. I am sure “Primo@Lib” will become the first stop for your information search.


As we take this leap into the future, we hope for your understanding in that there may be teething problems and minor adjustments have to be made.


This discovery platform has also been chosen by UGC libraries in Hong Kong and thousands of libraries overseas as their way forwards. We will become part of this network of learning by participating and sharing knowledges.


Let’s “honour the past and create the future”. Attain a yet higher goal in the forthcoming year.


May I also take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Chinese New Year.


Honour the past and create the future