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Printing, Scanning and Photocopying Services

Printers and photocopiers

All photocopiers available in the libraries can make copies in black & white or in colour. They are also connected to the nearby PCs to make printout in black & white or in colour.
  • Academy Library – two copiers/printers on G/F + one in Learning Resources Room
  • Film & Television Library – one copier/printer
Paper Size Black & White Colour
A4 / A3 HK$0.30 per page HK$3.00 per page
Wi-Fi printing service is offered in both libraries, allowing users to print from their laptops or mobile devices to the designated multi-function photocopier. Online guide is available.


Flatbed scanners are available for use free of charge in both libraries:
  • Academy Library – One scanner in the Information Commons + one in Learning Resources Room
  • F/TV Library – One scanner in the Learning Resources Area

Copyright Observation

Users are reminded to observe the Warning to Users of Copying Devices and make sure they are not infringing the legal restrictions when making physical or digital copies of copyrighted works. In case of doubt, please check the Copyright Ordinance (Cap 528).