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Undergraduate and Post-Secondary

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2024/25 Admission to Undergraduate and Post-Secondary Programmes

Application period27 September 2023 – 11 December 2023
Written tests, auditions and interviewsJanuary 2024
  • Apart from general academic qualifications, the School of Music will consider each applicant’s musical training and performance standard as indicated in his/her application form. All applicants are required to submit video of their solo performance, or a portfolio of compositions for a preliminary audition in their chosen discipline. Shortlisted candidates from the preliminary audition will be asked to attend a final audition as well as entrance tests in music theory, aural perception and will be interviewed on their commitment to studying performance or composition and their reasons for choosing the Academy.
  • The audition panel will look for technical control, musical understanding and expressiveness, general musicianship, creativity and potential for further development. The number of places that can be offered for certain major studies is limited, and may vary from year to year.
  • For BMus (Hons) Degree applicants, it may be necessary to re-direct the applicants to Diploma in Music Foundations if their standard falls below the entry requirements of BMus (Hons) Degree.
  • Owing to the large number of applicants it is not possible for the Academy to provide written assessments or enter into any correspondence with unsuccessful applicants. Applicants should note the School will not return submitted portfolios, audio or video recordings, etc.


Preliminary Auditions

  • All applicants are required to submit a recently made high quality video recording with a certified statement that it is the applicant’s own performance. Composition applicants are required to submit a portfolio of recent compositions via upload onto the online application system.
Guidelines for Video Submission
  • Good quality recent performance of the applicant;
  • Position of the applicant while performing must be clearly seen;
  • Recording of the same work must be in one shot without post-editing;
  • Video files or link to video files upload via online application system.



Final Auditions 

Selected applicants may be invited to attend written tests, interviews and a final audition at the Academy. If the applicant cannot come to the tests and final audition at the Academy, their application may not be given further consideration.


Audition and Selection Requirements

Please see requirements from the relevant departments:


Gaohu, Banhu, Erhu, Zhonghu, Gehu (Cello), Bass Gehu (Double Bass), Yangqin, Liuqin, Pipa, Ruan, Sanxian, Zheng, Guqin, Dizi, Suona, Guan, Sheng, Chinese Percussion


Preliminary audition
  • Applicants should submit a video recording of contrasting works of their own choice. 
  • The requirements for the various programmes of study are:
Diploma in Music Foundations2 works of contrasting musical style, character and tempo that will best demonstrate applicants’ technical and musical abilities
BMus (Hons) Degree3 works of different musical style, character and tempo
Final audition
  • Works performed at the preliminary audition may be repeated. However, if possible, please include at least one work different to those offered in the preliminary audition. The audition panel reserves the right to hear only movements or portions of the works prepared. Scales, arpeggios and sight-reading may be tested.