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The Department of Academic Studies provides a wide range of courses to music students in all programmes of study.  There is a core curriculum of music history, theory and analysis, and aural skills in the Diploma in Music Foundations and Bachelor of Music (Honours) degree programmes. In addition, a wide range of academic and practical electives, such as World Music, Jazz Improvisation and Music and Society in Hong Kong, are available. The department adopts an integrated pedagogical approach so that the design and content of academic courses are related as much as possible to students' performance activities. The staff members in the department have specialisms in the areas of aural training, music theory, music history, and ethnomusicology.



Academic Staff 


Head of Academic Studies in Music 

Professor Christopher PAK Tak-wan 


Senior Lecturer (Performance Practice and Curriculum Development) 



Lecturer (Academic Studies in Music) 

Karry LI Kar-yee 


Lecturer (Advanced Musicianship and Curriculum Development) 

Dr Joyce TANG


Lecturer (Vocal and Academic Studies in Music) 

Timmy TSANG Wah-sum 


* CHEN Ning Chi 

* Dr CHE Yuen-keung 

* CHEW Hee-chiat 

* HO Man-chuen 

* KOON Mee-yu 

* Jovita LEUNG Chung-yee 

* Dr NG Wai-man 
* Dr Amy SZE Man-lun 

* Dr TANG Lok-yin 
* Dr TUNG Lai-shing 

* Dr Wong Oi-yan 

* Professor YEUNG Wai-kit 

* Dr Grace YU Chung-yan 



*Part-time faculty