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Conducting and Cultural Leadership

The Department of Conducting & Cultural Leadership comprises major study areas in Western Orchestra Conducting and Chinese Orchestra Conducting at M.Mus. and Postgraduate Diploma level. At B.Mus. level, all Year 1 and 2 students are required to take the course and can then choose to specialise in Conducting together with their major-study specialisation in Year 3 and 4. The courses are designed to teach students who aspire to be professional conductors to develop entrepreneurial skills alongside their musical training, enabling them not only to become competent music directors of ensembles, but also gain the confidence to work in a much wider context as cultural leaders within society. As such, students are taught in conducting technique classes, analysis classes and practical orchestral-conducting training sessions as well as classes in ‘creative entrepreneurship’. The conducting courses recognise the importance of training aspiring young conductors in both musicianship and the leadership aspects of the discipline.  



Academic Staff 


Head of Conducting and Cultural Leadership  

Professor Sharon CHOA 

Lecturer (Advanced Musicianship and Curriculum Development) 
Dr Joyce TANG

* CHAN Chor-shan 
* HO Man-chuen 
* KOON Mee-yu 
* WOO Pak Tuen  
* Professor YAN Huichang 



*Part-time staff