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The majority of graduates (85%) from Academy Master’s Degree programmes work in the arts discipline.  The remainder goes on to complete further education in PhD and advanced post-graduate programmes at the best conservatories and universities around the world.  Graduates work in creating works and in management roles for Hong Kong’s flagship performing arts companies, and its major presenting organizations.  Graduates in dance, for example have choreographed work for Hong Kong Ballet and CCDC. Playwriting graduates have had plays commissioned and produced by the Hong Kong Arts Festival, Composers and Sound designers have produced scores for Zuni Icosahedron and other leading cutting edge performance companies as well as for film, dance, and theatre. Management graduates take up pivotal roles in institutions such as LCSD and Hong Kong Arts Festival, Drama and Theatre Education and Dance Education students go on to teach at universities in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Mainland, in Hong Kong schools, and in private educational organizations.