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Concert Hall

Concert Hall

Please be advised that Musical Instruments and Furniture shown cannot be removed from the Concert Hall


Auditorium :
  • Raked floor: Continental seating on two levels
  • Full seating capacity: 382 comprising: Stalls 198, Circle 184
  • 2 wheelchair spaces
  • G1 and G2 on Circle level are reserved for house usage
Stage :
  • Studio stage: Flat floor
  • Floor surface: Polished timber
Performing Area :
  • 17m(W) x 9m(D)
Suspension System :
  • Overhead catwalk for suspension of light objects
Get In :
  • Through backstage door minimum dimension: 1.8m(W) x 2m(H)
  • Goods lift access to all floors
** Music Equipment :
  • Musician chair: 100
  • Music stand: 90
* Musical Instruments :
  • 2 Steinway D-274 Grand Pianos
  • 1 Rieger Pipe Organ
  • 1 Goble Harpsichord
Acoustic Variable :
  • Hall purpose-built for orchestral concerts with motorized acoustic reflectors on side walls
Projection Screen :
  • Rear projection screen hung on upstage overhead motor winch bar, screen size: 4.3m(W) x 3.2m(H)
Video Projector :
  • Panasonic PT-RZ970 DLP Laser Projector (10,000 lumens), aspect ratio 16 : 10,
    native resolution: 1920 x 1200(WUXGA), permanent installed
Dressing Rooms :
  • * Classrooms at Foyer level can be hired to serve as dressing rooms
  • Performers waiting lobby at backstage

Technical Information


The Academy reserves the right to amend or upgrade venue facilities without notice.
* Optional equipment for which an additional daily hire charge will apply.
** These items are shared amongst several venues. Their availability for a particular hiring is at the management's sole discretion.