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We provide the following academic support to staff members of HKAPA:

  • Advice and collaboration on:
    integrating PaR into teaching practices and curriculum development for undergraduate and postgraduate studies
    designing, conducting and disseminating research projects
    understanding and applying research approaches from other disciplines
  • A range of teaching resources on PaR and Reflective Practice for your use
  • Support for your development of teaching, learning and PaR resources for your specific needs
  • A range of symposia, professional development events, seminars and workshop events on Practice-as-Research

PAR Unit is available all year round for carrying out one to one meeting with the Academy’s staff for research advice and support. We provide peer support for staff on issues related to their research projects at any stage. These are one to one (through Zoom or in person) sessions and are scheduled by appointment. To book please contact


To look at our teaching and learning resources, click here and log on to Canvas.