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Composition and Membership 


The Chairperson of the Academic Board or delegate​Ms Kennis Chan

Ex-officio Members

Dean of the School of Chinese OperaProfessor Martin Lau 
Dean of the School of DanceProfessor Anna CY Chan 
Dean of the School of DramaMr Jorge Cacheiro 
Dean of the School of Film and TelevisionMr Ding Yuin Shan, Acting Dean of the School of Film and Television
Dean of the School of MusicDr Iñaki Sandoval 
Dean of the School of Theatre and Entertainment ArtsMr Jim McGowan, Acting Dean of the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts
Registrar(Please refer to the remark.)
Principal Head (General Education and Research)(TBA)
Principal Head (Digital Learning)Dr Michael Li
General Manager (Extension and Continuing Education for Life)Ms Josephine Yim

Remark: Ms Kennis Chan also plays the role of the Registrar.


Staff Members

Three academic staff representatives nominated by the Schools 

Professor Sheng Pei Qi

Professor Christopher Pak 
Mr Alex Lai


Assistant Registrar (Academic Services)Ms Candy Kan
Senior Lecturer in ActingMr Tony Wong


Assistant Registrar (Quality Assurance)Mr Steven Fung

Assistant Secretary

Executive Officer (Registry)Ms Annie Wu


September 2023