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We provide the following academic support to students of HKAPA:
  • Assistance in framing students' research tasks
  • Advice on methodological approaches and resources
  • A range of PaR and research methodology resources that you can use
  • Practical workshops / Academy Electives on research knowledge and skills
Research Clinics 2022/23


The staff of the PAR Unite provides Postgraduate Research Students with one to one sessions to discuss research projects and practices.


The Research Clinics offers on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 2pm to 8pm during the teaching weeks, by appointment only.


Mode: Zoom or in-person


Research Consultation: Dr Elizabeth de Roza, Head of Performing Arts Research and Postgraduate Studies Coordinator or Dr. Melina Scialom, Lecturer in Performing Arts Research.


Online Resources


To look at our PaR and research resources for students, click here and log on to INTRANET.