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Student Health Service

The Academy has on campus a registered nurse to provide medical attention, first aid service, health education and dieting advice on a half-day basis. In addition, a physician is available on campus during teaching period to attend to students requiring medical treatment.

All new full-time students are required to undergo a medical examination before they register with the Academy. The medical report of this particular examination forms part of the student record for future reference on any necessary health services provided in the Academy or at designated medical centres. The medical examination must be taken at a medical centre with a registered medical practitioner. The cost of the medical examination is to be borne by the students. Only students who have completed the medical examination are eligible for the student health services provided by the Academy.

Physiotherapy Service

Physiotherapy consultations, rehabilitation programs and acute management of musculoskeletal injuries are provided by a full-time in-house registered Physiotherapist. These services are particularly geared towards the needs of the students in the School of Dance. A selection of advanced electrotherapy equipment is available in the Physiotherapy Clinic.

The Academy also has a gymnasium with modern weight training equipment. It is open to all students on a booking basis. Students can seek training advice from the Physiotherapist. In addition, there are special facilities within the School of Dance for body conditioning, including White Cloud and Pilates equipment.

Medical consultations from an Orthopedic Specialist are also available to students on a need basis.