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Photo of Sir YK Pao Studio

Photo of Sir YK Pao Studio


Auditorium :
  • Multi-purpose function room and without permanent seating plan
Stage :
  • Studio stage; flat floor
  • Floor surface - polished timber
Floor Area :
  • 210 square meters (19.5m W x 10.8m D)
Permanent Attachment :
  • Equipped with wall mirrors
  • Two glass walls fitted with roller blinds and doors exit to balcony
  • Sloping roof with insulated glass, max slope height 6.5m from stage floor
Get In :
  • Minimum dimensions 0.9m W x 2m H x 1.5m D through hall elevator access(max. loading: 900kg or 12 person)


The Academy reserves the right to amend or upgrade venue facilities without notice.