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Expert Talks & School Talks

For students who are interested in developing a career in performing arts, the Student Recruitment and Community Engagement has specially arranged a series of Expert Talks and School Talks to introduce the latest trends in the industry and the undergraduate degree programmes offered by HKAPA. These talks are delivered by performing arts professionals and veteran instructors from HKAPA’s schools and cover 6 subject areas of performing arts: Chinese Opera, Dance, Drama, Film and Television, Music, and Theatre and Entertainment Arts. All talks are free of charge and are suitable for over 20 students. Please contact us for reserving your sessions or enquiries.

School Talks

HKAPA School Talks

School representatives will introduce the undergraduate degree programmes and postgraduate programmes of the Academy which covers the information as follows:


  1. Admission requirement 
  2. Preparation for interview / audition 
  3. Programme structure 
  4. Teaching and learning 
  5. Opportunities for overseas exchange
  6. Career aspects 

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