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Message from the Director

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Welcome to The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Welcome to The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts

Welcome to The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.


The Academy is a leading tertiary institution in performing arts in Asia. Since it was established in 1984, the Academy has represented the highest level of education in the performing arts.


The Academy’s strategic plan outlines our mission - “Cultivating 21st century performing artists: an Asian heart, a global view”. It also celebrates our most unique attribute - our location in Hong Kong - which provides a very rich learning environment for our students with an emphasis on Chinese and Western cultures.


Interdisciplinary learning is another unique attribute of the Academy. Under one roof are housed six performing arts disciplines – Chinese opera, dance, drama, film and television, music, and theatre and entertainment arts – providing students with many opportunities to learn from their peers and from other disciplines to enrich their learning experience.


Our students and alumni are passionate about the performing arts, and are supported by faculty who are amongst the most distinguished performing artists in the region. Every year the Academy presents more than 300 public concerts and performances to showcase its versatility and talent. Over the past 36 years the Academy has trained over 7,600 performing artists who have contributed significantly to enriching and reshaping the cultural landscape of Hong Kong.


Equally important is the Academy’s strong focus on connecting with its community through a network of educational outreach programmes. They include our junior programmes in music and dance, our community engagement programmes for primary and secondary students, and a wide range of performing arts courses provided by EXCEL, the continuing education arm of the Academy. All these programmes have touched and enriched the lives of thousands of people of Hong Kong over many years.


We invite you to learn more about the Academy by visiting our campus and attending concerts and performances by our alumni, faculty and students. You are also welcome to stay connected with us on social media and by exploring this website. We are sure that you will be impressed by the dynamism, creativity and artistic excellence of the Academy community.


Professor Gillian Choa


The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts


Cultivating 21st century performing artists: an Asian heart, a global view