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PaR Projects@HKAPA Series

This is a growing series of resources where we disseminate outcomes of Practice-as-Research projects conducted by faculty members within the Academy. As teaching-artists and researchers, faculty members discuss the significances of PaR in the development of artistic practices and performing arts education. Carefully-selected modes of disseminations are employed for different projects in the series, and new contents are being added regularly.

The first project of this new series is "Restructuring Theatrical Make-up Courses" by Mr. Chan Ming-Long, Sunny.

More projects are coming soon, please stay tuned!


Restructuring Theatrical Make-up Courses 

Researcher: Mr. Chan Ming-Long Sunny


Chan Ming-Long Sunny, a highly distinguished theatre make-up artist in Hong Kong, and our well-respected Lecturer of Theatrical Make-up in HKAPA, has developed new understanding about his teaching approach through a PaR project for theatrical make-up courses. The Head of Performing Arts Research, Phoebe Chan, has conducted an interview with Sunny to let us learn more about his research process. Let’s find out how Sunny drew inspiration from his artistic expertise and his experience working with students to expand his teaching repertoire. Please click on the image below to watch the video.


Sunny Chan Interview