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PaR Projects@HKAPA Series


This is a series of resources created by the Performing Arts Research Unit where outcomes of Practice-as-Research projects conducted by faculty members within the Academy are disseminated. The PaR project brought to you this time is "Rediscovering Traditional Scenic Art Technique: Transformation" by Jonathan GOODWIN, Senior Lecturer in Scenic Art.

More projects are coming soon, please stay tuned!


Rediscovering Traditional Scenic Art Technique: Transformation

Researcher: Mr. Jonathan GOODWIN


Jon explains to us how he incorporates PaR into his teaching to rediscover a traditional technique through systematic questioning, experimentation, documentation, reflection and modification, which allows the students and himself to gain new knowledge about the technique. Despite the disruptions caused by the pandemic, Jon and his students remained committed to completing the project, and managed to create results that were very satisfying to the team. Please click on the image below to watch the video.