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School of Film and Television 1

Learn what matters through creative teamwork combined with future-proofed hands-on screen production practice.

School of Film and Television 2

Content of School Leaflet

The School of Film and Television courses are designed to develop high-level film, television and screen production skills, and to nurture and encourage creative and artistic development. The primary objective is to prepare students for entry into a variety of creative, technical and professional careers.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the School of Film and Television was nominated in 2018, and again in 2019, as one of the top 15 international film schools outside the US. As one of the first official film schools in Hong Kong, the School has developed creative talent for the second new wave of Hong Kong cinema, with many graduates launching their professional artistic careers. Amongst these high-flyers are Jevons Au, director of Trivisa, Kiwi Chow, director and script writer of Beyond the Dream, and Ho Cheuk-Tin, director of The Sparring Partner. Many faculty members remain industry regulars such as Sunny Chan, whose Men on the Dragon and Table For Six were recent box office hits.