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School of Drama 1

If sleep is the apogee of physical relaxation, boredom is the apogee of mental relaxation. Boredom is the dream bird that hatches the egg of experience. 
– Walter Benjamin 

School of Drama 2

Content of School Leaflet

We are a practice-oriented drama school for theatre practitioners, aiming at nurturing creativity built upon the foundation of experience. Through practical experience, ideas gestate. We ponder life and the state of the world; we discern beauty and evil, gains and losses. Then we construct narratives illuminating the profundity of human nature, engaging in dialogue with our times, searching for life’s core values and making contributions to the society. We are forward-looking, standing at the cultural crossroads of China and the West, and keeping abreast with the development of world theatre. We select and foster the best of the best, guiding the new creators of the 21st century theatre.