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Anson Shi

SHI Qiang, Anson

School of Dance
Major in Dance Performance, specialised in Contemporary Dance


Anson SHI Qiang is a BFA Year 4 student majoring in contemporary dance at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA). As a student-artist and scholar, Anson's artistic focus extends beyond the realms of choreography and performance. He possesses a boundless passion for various art forms, including technology, fashion, film, and the exploration of mental health issues affecting individuals within society. His unique artistic sensibilities have led him into the world of interdisciplinary art, where he seamlessly merges different art formats to create captivating experiences.


Recognizing the potential for growth and inspiration, he has made the decision to enroll in the EDuIT independent study course. By embarking on this educational journey, Anson seeks to broaden his knowledge and explore countless possibilities under the guidance and support of esteemed experts in their respective fields.


Anson expresses deep gratitude for the opportunity to participate in this course. His enthusiasm is palpable as he eagerly anticipates the forthcoming experiences that will enable him to push the boundaries of his artistic expression even further.  He felt so grateful for doing this course and is looking forward to pushing the boundaries further stay tuned, he can’t wait to share the final two films focused on Dance and Technology with you all!

Experimenting on 3D model and Motion Capture


Projects and assignments done by Anson

Unlocking Potential Workshop

Received the Catherine SY Chan Creative Project Fund and organised a Gen-AI Workshops with the Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre and other IS students

Experimenting on 3D model and Motion Capture

Experimenting on 3D model and Motion Capture with DeepMotion and Avaturn

2024 HKAPA Open Day

Working with tutors to create AI portrait for visitors in 2024 HKAPA Open Day

Pika Workshop

Attending Pika Workshop to learn AI video generator for assignment.

ELIA Leadership Symposium

Participating in the ELIA Leadership Symposium. Anson is working with another Independent Studies Student Pancho Mao, to present a dance film that is integrated with AI technology to show a wonderful fusion of human body and CGI figure. They aim to explore the possibility of merging human expression with AI in dance. 

Preparation of ELIA Leadership Symposium

Attending Wonder Studio AI Workshop, learning the AI tool to animates, lights and composes CG characters into a live-action scene.

Final Cut Pro Workshop

Attending Final Cut Pro Workshop to learn the skills for video editing.