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Vincent Yeung

YEUNG Pok Yin, Vincent

School of Music
Major in Performance, specialised in Viola


Vincent is a technology enthusiast and music professional, currently engaged in the advanced study of the viola. With a creative and analytical mindset, he endeavors to bridge the gap between music education and information technology.


His commitment to innovation is highlighted through his latest project: the development of a free, open-source mobile application designed to enhance music practice. This application promises to deliver superior learning functionalities, including sophisticated drone and metronome features, at no cost to users.


Throughout his independent study, Vincent has accumulated extensive practical knowledge and expertise in cutting-edge technology trends, thanks to the support from EDuIT. His exploration includes working with AIVA, an AI-powered music generation tool, and Runway, an AI tool for image animation, showcasing his ability to incorporate the latest technological advancements into the realm of artistic creation. This journey not only underscores his technical acumen but also his commitment to applying these innovations for educational enhancement.

Interview with Vincent about the creation of "A Journey to Edo, Japan"


Projects and assignments done by Vincent

Unlocking Potential Workshop

Received the Catherine SY Chan Creative Project Fund and organised a Gen-AI Workshops with the Red Cross John F. Kennedy Centre and other IS students

AI Artwork - A Journey to Edo Japan

AI artwork x Viola performance, created by Vincent with AI-powered tool Runway

Video Shooting for Assignment

Working on an assignment which combines AI generated printing and Viola performance. Vincent is playing the background music for the assignment.

AI Artwork - Claude Debussy's La Mer and Hokusai Graphic

Creating AI artwork - Claude Debussy's La Mer and Hokusai Graphic with Runway AI tool

Practice of Video Shooting

Learning and practicing video shooting skills.