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PaR Projects

Restructuring Theatrical Make-up Courses

conducted by Chan Ming-Long Sunny



Chan Ming-Long Sunny, a highly distinguised theatre make-up artist in Hong Kong, and our well-respected Lecturer of Theatrical Make-up in HKAPA, has developed new understanding about his teaching approach through a PAR project for theatrical make-up courses. The Head of Performing Arts Research, Phoebe Chan, has conducted an interview with Sunny to let us learn more about his research process and findings. Let's find out how Sunny drew inspiration from his artistic expertise and his experience in working with students to expand his teaching repertoire. 


Critical Bodily Thinking Project

conducted by Brenton Surgenor and Prue Wales



This PaR project sought to explore ways to systematically develop first-year undergraduate dance students’ reflective practices to enhance their understandings of their own bodies. This project is the first in an iterative cycle, developed by the teacher-practitioner-researchers, to develop pedagogical processes that foster both cognitive and embodied forms of thinking. To learn more about the project and to watch the video of the digital story, please click here.


Brenton Digital Story