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Other PaR Sites

Institutions and Organisations Engaged in PaR (Performing, Visual and Interdisciplinary Arts)

Centre for Dance Research (C-DaRE) – This research centre at Coventry University provides documentation, analysis and dissemination of artistic research, specifically in dance but also has a strong focus on interdisciplinarity. They produce a series of public events every year and run two peer-reviewed journals, the Journal of Dance and Somatic Practices and the Journal of Dance, Movement and Spiritualities.

Methods@Manchester - A faculty-run initiative at the University of Manchester that provides resources on different types of research methodology. It focuses on the social sciences but also offers resources specific to the performing arts: practice-as-research in drama and screen studies, and creative interviewing methods that includes artistic activity amongst others.

RMIT University Practice Research – Website for the Practice Research Symposium run by the Schools of Architecture and Urban Design at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University. The Symposium features the work of its PhD students through events in Australia, Europe and Asia. The website has a range of research and educational resources on doing Practice-as-Research.

Society for Artistic Research - A consortium of European institutions that aims to promote artistic research in both academic and non-academic settings. Their activities include running the journal JAR and the annual International Conference on Artistic Research.

The Vernacular Music Center - An interdisciplinary centre for music at Texas Tech University whose motto is “research, teaching, & advocacy in the world's music". Their website offers an overview of Practice-as-Research in the performing arts and information about their research project, “Dancing at the Crossroads".


ADiE (Artistic Doctorates in Europe) - A three-year research project between eight universities in the UK and Scandinavia focusing on PaR for Dance and Performance. The website includes case studies and resources on topics such as documentation, supervision and online teaching. Although the project targets doctoral students, they offer strategies that can applied to other scenarios as well.

Practice as Research in Performance: 2001-2006 (PARIP) – Website for a research project at University of Bristol that ran from 2001-2006. It explored some of the key creative and academic issues emerging out of doing Practice-as-Research.

SHARE Advocacy Toolkit – A comprehensive set of documents providing an overview of artistic research in Europe from 2010-2013. They recommend using the SHARE Handbook for Artistic Research Education with the Toolkit. It uses doctoral programmes as the main focus, but the strategies and information is applicable to other scenarios as well.

The Experimental Research Network – Based on a research project looking at creative experimentation of research methods, particularly through arts practice. The website includes a ‘primer’ guide to documentation.


e-flux - Online journal consisting of contributions by artists in the forms of essays and artwork. It is independently run and has connections to a number of contemporary visual arts institutions.

JAR – Journal for Artistic Research, a multi-disciplinary, open-source and peer-reviewed online journal. Submissions in languages other than English, German, Portuguese and Spanish are accepted if accompanied by an English translation. Calls for submissions take place several times a year.

PARSE - Online journal run by the Faculty of Fine, Applied and Performing Arts at the University of Gothenberg. Issues are organised around themes with content in the form of text and multimedia.

PARtake – The Journal of Performance as Research, an open-source and peer-reviewed online journal run by the University of Colorado Boulder. Submissions are accepted in the form of “articles, reviews, digital media, and original artwork".

Individual artist-researchers

J. R. Carpenter is a performer, artist and researcher whose work covers performance writing, digital literature and media archeology.

Simon Ellis is a choreographer, Practice-as-Researcher and blogger.

Michael Gallagher's work centres around sound, geography, politics, education and research.

Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli are London-based artists whose interdisciplinary work combines dance, cinema and contemporary art.

Susan Kozel is a philosopher, dance artist and multimedia technologist with an emphasis on phenomenology.

John McCormick started as a choreographer who incorporated multimedia technology into his work. His research expanded out into artificial intelligence, robotics and health design.

Adam Nash is a composer who works primarily with sound and digital visual art. He frequently collaborates with artists in other disciplines.

Troika Ranch are generally known as early award-winning pioneers of dance technology who continue to produce new works, train other artists and engage in artistic research. The group was founded by choreographer Dawn Stoppiello and composer Mark Coniglio.