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Board of Undergraduate Education

Composition and Membership 


Appointed by the Chairman of the Academic Board Dr Ricky Ng

Ex-officio Members

Registrar  Ms Kennis Chan
- One Programme Leader of each
BFA/BMus programme

- One Programme Leader of each DipF
programme (or Major leader of the BFA/BMus in the event that there is no DipF programme or the Programme Leader of DipF programme is the same as the Programme Leader of BFA/BMus programme.)
Dr Priscilla Tse (CO)
Professor Ou Lu (D)
Mr Roy Szeto (Dr)
Mr Chan Suk Yi (Dr)
Ms Chak Hoi Ling (F/TV)
Ms Elissa Rosati (F/TV)
Professor Christopher Pak (M)
Mr James McGowan (TEA)
Head of Complementary Studies TBA
Head of Programme Development Dr Robert Wells

Student Members

One student representative from Bachelor’s degree programmes 

Mr Chan Tsz Wai Winston

One student representative from post-secondary programmes  TBA

Co-opted Members

Senior Project Officer (EDuIT) Mr Carton Kam


Assistant Registrar (Academic Services) Ms Betty Yu

Assistant Secretary

Executive Officer as appointed  Ms Sylvanie Lam


H(PAR) & Postgraduate Studies Coordinator Dr Elizabeth De Roza
Head of Student Affairs Ms Violet Lau
Head of Student Recruitment and Community Engagement Ms Perrie Lai
Assistant Secretary of Academic Board cum Secretary of APQAC  Mr Steven Fung

February 2023