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Creative Journey

Creative Journey 2017-18

Creative Journey offers secondary school students a wide range of performing arts activities in Dance, Drama, Music, Film, Theatre and Entertainment Arts, and Chinese Opera from October 2017 to July 2018. Four types of programme clusters: (i) Production Process, (ii) Creative Process, (iii) Behind the Scene & (iv) Performance Plus are designed to stimulate and develop participants one or more of the following innate attributes through arts engagement. 

- Inquiry and imagination

- Communication & collaboration

- Aesthetic & arts appraising

- Artistic literacy

- Value and attitude

- Create opportunity for learners to understand, interact, appreciate, and reflect on works of art;
- Engage the participants in first-hand experience of the creative process;
- Develop skills of imagination, creativity and innovation through education and arts;
- Nurture aesthetic sense and arts appraising ability of young audience.


The programme includes drama workshop, music seminar/demonstration, dance rehearsal/performance viewing and screening. Participating schools and students are encouraged to further explore and summarize their experience into a presentation.

The programme is suitable to all students. Limited quota, please enroll now. Participation is free of charge, unless otherwise specified. 

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Enquiries Tel: 2584 8503 / 2584 8950

Programme clusters: Production Process Programme clusters: Creative Process
Programme clusters: Behind the Scene Programme clusters: Performance Plus
Innate attributes: Inquiry and Imagination FTV
Innate attributes: Aesthetic & arts appraisingInnate attributes: Artistic literacy


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