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Exploring the Journey of Performing Arts Museums and Archives

07 Mar (Thu)

07 Mar 2024 (Thu) | 13:00 - 14:00
X216, TML Artist Block
Bernice Chan, General Manager of International Association of Theatre Critics (Hong Kong)

Hong Kong stages over a thousand performances every year, but how can artists’ creativity leave a lasting impact once the shows are over? In addition to notes, photographs, manuscripts, scripts, sheet music, recordings, and reviews, there are also set design and model, props, and costume that hold cherished memories. These records serve as valuable cultural assets, yet they often fade from memory once the spotlight fades. The speaker has explored various performing arts museums and archives in Europe, where the preservation of performing arts artifacts offers valuable insights for Hong Kong. Beyond preservation, these experiences also involve activating these artifacts and collaboratively creating new cultural memories with new audiences.