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Small Unmanned Aircraft Workshop for Staff


Legally fly your drone in Hong Kong with EDuIT's Small Unmanned Aircraft (SUA) Workshop! Get up-to-date on new regulations, select the right drone models, and learn how to obtain your standard or advanced SUA pilot license for advanced operations. This workshop includes both theoretical and hands-on training. Join us and take the first step towards drone operation in Hong Kong!


After the workshop you can register the Standard Rating Pilot from Civil Aviation Department.


Date: April 18, 2024 (Thu) (Theory Session), May 23, 2024 (Thu) (Practical Session)
Time: 1:00-2:00 pm 
Language: Cantonese
Venue: TML Artist Block x216 (Theory Session), Amphitheatre (Practical Session)
Tony Yuen, Multimedia Designer (Audio Visual), EDuIT | Adv. Rating Pilot
Alfred Li, Project Officer (Digital Media), EDuIT | Adv. Rating Pilot


Decoding AI Detection: Understanding, Identifying, and Navigating AI-Generated Content for Staff


Worried about the potential misuse of AI by your students for cheating or the risk of your AI-assisted writing being mistaken for AI-generated content? The world of AI detectors is like a game of cat and mouse. While detectors have been developed to spot the proportion of AI-generated content, there are also ways to bypass these detectors.


The aim of this workshop is to explain the mechanism behind AI detection so that you can make informed decisions in response to the trend of using ChatGPT and other similar tools. It will cover the following topics:


  • How to identify AI-generated writing;
  • The ways in which technology can “humanize” AI content;
  • Various tools that involve in text and image AI detection and their limitations.  

Date: April 23, 2024 (Tue)
Time: 1:00-2:00pm
Language: English
Venue: TML Artist Block x216
Dr Misty Choi, Senior Project Manager (Digital Learning)
Mr Carton Kam, Senior Project Officer
Dr Michael Li, Principal Head (Digital Learning)



Independent Studies Student Channel

AI Artwork - A Journey to Edo Japan

Academy Cello Festival 2024 Poster Design

Photo shooting for Academy Cello Festival 2024

Interested to Join Our Independent Studies Programme?


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Information Technology

VPN Remote Connection

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In March, IT team has tackled 300 inquires and technical problems.


AV & Design Support

Easter Greeting Card Design

Old Memories and New Audiences:
Exploring the Journey of Performing Arts Museums and Archives 

Academy Opera: The Merry Widow in collaboration with the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts, the School of Dance, and the School of Drama

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