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Academy Chinese Opera: Gongs and Drums – Pearl Bay

Academy Chinese Opera: Gongs and Drums – Pearl Bay

24 Feb (Fri) - 25 Feb (Sat)

24 Feb 2023 (Fri) - 25 Feb 2023 (Sat) | 19:30
Rita Tong Liu Drama Theatre
Price Info:
$45 - $90
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Performance in Cantonese with Chinese and English surtitles. This production is suitable for audience aged 6 or above.
Academy Chinese Opera: Gongs and Drums – Pearl Bay

The new king of the Pearl Kingdom in the deep sea of the Pearl Bay, overturned the ancestral precept of harmonious coexistence with the villagers of the Pearl Village who had been living by pearl fishing for generations. He also detained a pearl-fishing boy, Ah Hai, to deter the villagers from pearl fishing. Princess Lianzhu of the Pearl Kingdom secretly released Ah Hai.

The villagers failed to fish pearls due to the depletion of pearl-oyster beds, so the county magistrate ordered to fill the Pearl Bay. The King of the Pearl Kingdom led the aquatic tribe to resist. Ah Hai died during the fierce battle with the king. Princess Lianzhu used her pearl to save Ah Hai and she lost her life. The old king of the Pearl Kingdom used his own pearl to revive Princess Lianzhu as a human, and married her to Ah Hai.

The county magistrate was dismissed due to corruption, Ah Hai was elected as the new village head to rebuild the Pearl Bay. The aquatic tribe and the villagers have coexisted harmoniously since then.


Playwright: Dr. Boaz Chow
Artistic Director/ Director: Ying Kam-sha
Directors: Hong Hai, Liu Li, Tsai Chih-wei
Music Designer / Music & Percussion Director: Zhao Riwei
Music Director / Vocal Coach: Mach Tuy Nghia
Percussion Director: Ching Weng-sung

Set Designer: Ryan Lo
Costume Designer: Jobelle Wang
Lighting DesignerTimothy Tsang
Sound DesignerEssky Yik
Production ManagerLee Man-kwan


Performed and accompanied by students of the Performance Major and the Music Major of the Academy’s School of Chinese Opera. Students of the Cantonese Opera Youth Programme participate in the performance.
Members of the production team are students and faculty from the School of Theatre and Entertainment Arts.