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Academy Drama: Fireface by Marius von Mayenburg

Academy Drama: Fireface by Marius von Mayenburg


13 - 17 March 201819:45

17 March 201814:45

Venue : Academy Studio Theatre

Price Info : $50 - $95

Tickets are available one month before the show

School / Department : School of Drama

Category : Academy Events Language : Drama in Cantonese

Drama in Cantonese

This production is suitable for audience aged 12 or above 


Fire is impartial, like justice itself.
Let the coming of fire be the judge of everything.


German playwright Marius von Mayenburg’ award-winning Fireface exposes the fear and anxiety latent within modern society. The story centres on a typical middle-class family whose family members are constantly skirting with disaster. The husband is so obsessed with the news of the murder of a prostitute that he neglects his wife, who then goes and projects all her frustrated desires onto their young son. The attractive elder daughter is hopelessly romantic but also into manipulating men, including her own father and younger brother as well as her boyfriend. Perennially neglected by everyone, the sensitive young son is filled with hate and negativity against the world. In his bid to seek meaning in his life, he plays with fire. A tragic end is waiting to explode as the story goes...


Playwright: Marius von Mayenburg

Director: Fung Ka-fai 

Translators: Chung Siu-hei, Fung Ka-fai 

Set & Costume Designer: Ryan Lo

Lighting Designer: Kinphen Leung

Sound Designer: Bu Chan Hin-hou 

Cast: Chan Xiyong, Choi Wai-ki, Mok Chui-shing, Luk Ka-ki, Leung Ho-wai