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Academy Drama: Le Malentendu

Academy Drama: Le Malentendu


05 - 10 February 201820:00

10 February 201814:45

Venue : Academy Studio Theatre

Price Info : $50 (Student Ticket) - $95

School / Department : School of Drama

Category : Academy Events Language : Drama in Cantonese

Drama in Cantonese

This production is suitable for audience aged 12 or above 


Once sail is set towards the shore of happiness

You are destined to be drowned in the sea of misery


A tragedy about one who murders for money and self interest.


Martha and her mother run a guesthouse where they murder rich solo travellers. Martha dreams of getting enough money to start a new life by the sea.


20 years after he left home to pursue his dreams, Martha’s brother Jan returns with enough money to give his family a good life. Against his wife Maria’s advice, he disguised himself as just another rich traveller. This will cost him dearly…


Playwright: Albert Camus 

Director: Law Chung-kin

Translation: Pong Shi-kit 

Set Designer: Angie Yeung Wing-yan

Costume Designer: Vanessa Suen Wing-kwan

Lighting Designer: Luke Yau

Sound Designer: Leung Chi-ying

Cast: Lo Siu-lam, Sze Wei, Lau Chung-hin, Chan Lam-yan, Alan Wong