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Academy Drama: The Blind

29 Nov (Mon) - 04 Dec (Sat)

29 Nov 2021 (Mon) - 04 Dec 2021 (Sat) | 19:45
04 Dec 2021 (Sat) | 14:45
Academy Studio Theatre
Price Info:
$50 - $95
Drama in Cantonese
This production is suitable for audience aged 12 or above
Academy Drama: The Blind

On a deserted island, a secluded hospice houses a group of blind people. One day, led by an aged priest, they set out for the woods to soak up the sunshine. Suddenly, the priest passes away, leaving the blind folk to believe he has stepped away for a little while. Awaiting his return, they are confronted by flocks of ominous birds, inhospitable winds and endless dark night…


Playwright: Maurice Maeterlinck

Director/Adaptation:  Alex Cheung

Translators: Alex Cheung, Choy Kai-fung

Dramaturg: Roy Szeto

Associate Dramaturg: Joey Hung

Set and Costume Designer: Jonathan Wong

Co-Set Designer: Ruby Yam Wan-yin

Associate Costume Designer: Dominic Yau Man-tat

Lighting Designer: Lam Yiu-chun

Sound Designers: Lin Jin-yao, Allison Fong Tsz-ching

Production Manager: Candace Tse

Cast: Choy Yu-tin, Lui Long-kwan, Wong Hei-tung, Wong Ka-chun, Chung Yik-chun, Ma Hiu-ying, Derek Sit, Tse Ka-hei