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Academy Drama: The Ten Oxen of Ours

Academy Drama: The Ten Oxen of Ours

19 Dec (Mon) - 24 Dec (Sat)

19 Dec 2022 (Mon) - 23 Dec 2022 (Fri) | 19:45
24 Dec 2022 (Sat) | 13:15
24 Dec 2022 (Sat) | 17:00
Academy Studio Theatre
Price Info:
$50 - $95
Drama in Cantonese
The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Academy Drama: The Ten Oxen of Ours

Inspired by the "Ten Oxen" used in the Zen tradition, The Ten Oxen of Ours tries to manifest Zen practices through stage performance art. The whole play uses the motif of "Ox" and the metaphor of cattle herding to represent the different stages of spiritual enlightenment on the journey to seek the meaning of life.  In this sense, everyone has an "Ox" as their inner self or perhaps as the things they pursue. People, regardless of the past or the present, have similar experiences in terms of seeking and inquiring. In the play, the actors share their own stories as Hong Kong youngsters with the "Ox" in their heart. While they express their quest for their life goals, their spiritual maps are displayed via various artistic elements, reflecting the diversity of the pathway of life.


Devised by: Alex Cheung and Cast

Director: Alex Cheung

Percussion Coach & Composer: Lee Tsz-kin

Dramaturg: Cheng Kai-yuen

Choreographer: Sum Cheuk-yiu


Set Designer: Lai Wing-ki

Costume Designer: Lam Hoi-kiu

Lighting Designer: Alice Ho Pui-lam

Sound Designer: Tantan Tang

Video Designer: Rodney Ma Lap-yin

Production Manager: Trini Chong


Cast: Lam Yau-hin, Ma Hiu-ying, Man Fei-yeung, Sin Lok-yan, Siu Chun-pong, Sum Cheuk-yiu, To Yim-shan, Wong Hoi-man, Au Yeung Hak-ho, Chan Ka-yan, Chan Lut-to, Chan Yin-hei, Iu Ching-ue, Leung Kin-chung, Lo Chi-kin, Man Tsun-yin, Mo Hiu-shan, Tsang Sin