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Art of Hairdressing in Japanese Traditional Theatre

Art of Hairdressing in Japanese Traditional Theatre

27 Jan (Sat)

27 Jan 2024 (Sat) | 19:00 - 20:30

Online registration starts from 22 Jan 12:00

Academy Studio Theatre
1.5 hrs
Price Info:
Free admission, please register online in advance
Conduct in Japanese (with English Interpretation)
Yuji Hosono

The Seminar


Yuji Hosono has almost four decades of experience in the field of traditional Japanese performing arts, with his skills and knowledge ranging from Kabuki to Japanese traditional dance. He has worked with both male and female actors, playing various roles in hairdressing.


Kabuki has captivated audiences worldwide for centuries with its vibrant costumes, stylised movements, and mesmerising performances. The hairstyles used in Kabuki plays add depth to the characters. Each hairstyle carries meaning and reflects the character's social status, gender, age, and emotional state.


Mr Hosono will share his experience and knowledge in a seminar to unveil the secrets behind the artistic decisions made in hairstyling for Kabuki performances. He will discuss the historical, cultural, and aesthetic factors that shape these intricate hairstyles. Through his anecdotes and demonstrations, we will learn how hairstyling impacts character portrayal, storytelling, and the overall theatrical experience.


Yuji Hosono


Mr Hosono joined the Tokyo Kamoji Tokoyama Company and began his career as a Kabuki hairdresser in 1983. Over the years, he gained expertise in handling lead actors and became a distinguished figure in the field by 1999. Mr Hosono accompanied Kabuki performances in Europe, showcasing his skills on international stages, starting in 1993. In 2000, he also took on Nihon Buyo, the Japanese traditional dance, demonstrating his versatility across various performing arts. 


In 2010, Mr Hosono became the Dance Department Head in Kamoji Tokoyama, overseeing the Japanese traditional dance division. He dedicated himself to mentoring the next generation in this field. Along with his career milestones, Mr Hosono has also delivered lectures at prestigious institutions, including the National University of Singapore, UCLA, and the National University of Laos.