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Luna Gale by Rebecca Gilman

Luna Gale by Rebecca Gilman


26 November - 01 December 201819:45

01 December 201814:45

Venue : Academy Studio Theatre

Price Info : $50-$95

School / Department : School of Drama

Category : Academy Events Language : Drama in Cantonese

Drama in Cantonese

This production contains foul language and adult elements, suitable for audience aged 12 or above.


“One of this year’s most valuable additions to American drama.” Los Angeles Times


"Focuses an unsparing light on the dilapidated infrastructure of underfunded welfare programmes…connects the dwindling support for counseling and treatment with the fraying of the social fabric."  The New York Times


Luna Gale tells the story of seasoned social worker Caroline, who is handling a case of young drug-addicted couple Peter and Karlie and their neglected baby daughter. When Caroline hands baby Luna to Karlie’s mother, a family war breaks out, pushing everyone towards a maniacal, dangerous decision…


Playwright: Rebecca Gilman

Director: Terence Chang

Translator: Wu Hoi-fai

Set Designer: Julia Koo Mei-ling

Costume Designer: Ricky Chan

Lighting Designer: Ling Cheng

Sound Designer: Meiling Chan

Production Manager: Ceci Lau Wing-lam

Cast: Luk Ka-ki, Yung Yin-sing, Ho Sui-man, Lee Yiu-ki, Ip Sing-yau, So Cho-yan,

Mak Ching-man


Luna Gale received its World Premiere at 

Goodman Theatre, Chicago, Illinois on January 27, 2014

Robert Falls, Artistic Director      Roche Schulfer, Executive Director


Tickets are available one month prior to the show.