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The 2nd Academy Festival Presents: Who’s Afraid of Lord of the Flies

The 2nd Academy Festival Presents: Who’s Afraid of Lord of the Flies


02 May 201819:30

03 May 201819:30

04 May 201819:30

05 May 201819:30

05 May 201814:30

Venue : Academy Drama Theatre

Price Info : $50-$105

This production contains foul language and violence scenes, suitable for audience aged 16 or above.

School / Department : School of Drama

Category : Academy Events Language : Drama in Cantonese with Chinese and English surtitles

“By myself – I thought I might kill”


Written by British writer William Golding and published in 1954, the novel Lord of the Flies reveals to us a group of children, in the midst of a wartime evacuation, stranded on an uninhabited island where they try to establish the order of life. Threatened by death, their instinct for survival gradually turns the island into a battlefield of power, leading them into the dark side of human nature. The play extends the story to a point in time when a few of the children become grown-ups and find themselves in a heap of ruins resulting from an air raid of another war. The ambience of the wasteland is reminiscent of the days on the island when they got into fighting, costing the lives of some little friends. Overwhelmed with grief and perplexed by what they have done, they fall into a retrospective journey of the past…


Playwright / Director: Poon Wai-sum

Set & Costume Designer: Moe Mo

Associate Set Designer: Isabella Hui

Lighting Designer: Wong Ka-ki

Sound Designer: Esther Leung Hei-lam

Cast: Wan Po-ching, Mo Hin-wai, Chu Yung, Chu Wing-yan, Lam Kai-yuen, Chou Henick, Sze Wei, Chan Lam-yan, Cheung Hoi-ki, Franchesca Wong, Wong Wa-nin, Tung Chung-can, Liu Yuning, Poon Tai-ming, Lau Oi-sze, Tam On-ting, So Chi-leung, Esther So, So Chun-wai


Guest Actress: Alice Lau


This play is inspired by William Golding’s Lord of the Flies