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Lyric Theatre - Stage Information

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Stage :
  • Proscenium stage; flat floor with 2 hydraulic forestage lifts for small or large pit / thrust stage
  • Floor surface: painted tempered hardboard over 1" plywood, well-sprung
  • Stage floor loading 500kg/m²
  • Dance flooring: choice of grey / black marley
  • Proscenium opening variable 12.8m - 18m W x 6m - 9m H
  • Forestage: depth of apron in front of the setting line 2.08m or 4.48m
  • Stage floor 0.9m above auditorium floor
Flying System :
  • 63 counterweighted bars(CW), single purchase, (SWL 600kg)
  • 10 motorized bars above performing area (M) (SWL 750kg)
  • Main flying bar lengths 18m, extendable to 22m
  • 3 motorized bars in front of the proscenium arch (FM) (SWL 750kg)
  • 4 double purchase side counterweight bars (SL/SR) (SWL 600kg)
  • 6 side motorized bars (M) (SWL 750kg)
  • Rear stage: 5 electric winch bars (SWL 250kg each)
  • Side stage: 3 hand winch bars (SWL 250kg each)
Permanent attachments :
  • House Curtain on CW7 (drop only)
  • Acoustic shell ceiling panels on lines FM5, M2, M6, CW16, CW25, CW34, CW43, CW52
Masking & Soft Hanging :
  • Green velour house curtain
  • 2 sets black full tabs (size: 20m W x 10m H), 2 sets black half tabs (size: 12m W x 10m H)
  • 6 sets black borders (size: 20m W x 5m H), 5 pairs of black legs (size: 5m W x 10m H), all wool serge
  • Flat Gerriets "Opera" cyclorama / projection screen for front and back projection (size: 18m W x 10m H)
  • Black gauze & White gauze (size: 20m W x 10m H)
  • Various black masking flattage
  • SL Side masking on tracks under fly floor
  • SR Side masking on line M63, M64
  • Rear stage masking and wraparound black cyc on tracks
** Stage Equipment :
  • Various rigging hardware, chain hoist and point hoist units available
  • Cougar XLT 2900 hydraulic lift (max 8.8m H)
  • Instant Tallescope 50524 (max. 7.5m H)
  • Stock rostra available
** Music Equipment :
  • Musician chair x 100
  • Illuminated music stand x 60
  • Non-illuminated music stand x 90
** Pianos :
  • Yamaha Baby Grand Piano (C6)
  • Yamaha Upright (U1A)
  • * Kawai Concert Grand Piano (GS100)
** Acoustic Shell for Music Concert :
  • Orchestral Concert 18mW x 12mD
  • Chamber Concert 14mW x 7.5mD


The Academy reserves the right to amend or upgrade venue facilities without notice.
* Optional equipment for which an additional daily hire charge will apply.
** These items are shared amongst several venues - their availability for a particular hiring is at the management's sole discretion.