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Lyric Theatre - Sound Information


House Console

Avid  VENUE SC48 Digital Mixing Console

  • 48 Input Channels to Mix, 8 Groups, 16 Aux sends, 8 Mono Matrix out (12x8)
  • 48 analog inputs, 32 analog outputs
  • 16 Input Faders, 8 Output Faders
  • Waves Live Bundle Plugin

** Signal processing equipment

  • BSS FCS960 equalizers
  • BSS DPR series comp/limiters
  • Lexicon PCM70 reverb unit
  • XTA GQ600 equalizers
  • Yamaha SPX990 multi-effect processor

** Playback equipment

  • Marantz PMD331/ 340 CD players
  • Tascam SS-CDR200 Multi-media player/ Recorder

** Microphones

  • Dynamic:
    • AKG: D12VR, D541E, D90S
    • AUDIX: D4, OM6
    • Electro-Voice: RE20
    • Sennheiser: BF531, e 835-S, MD421, MD422, MD738FE
    • Shure Beta57A, Beta58, SM57, SM58
  • Condenser:
    • AKG: CK1, GN30, GN50
    • AUDIX: M1250
    • DPA: dfacto II FA4018, SC4098-BX45, 4099, 2011C
    • Crown: PCC160
    • Neumann: KM140, KM184
    • Ramsa: WM-S5E
    • Sennheiser:  BF5032
    • Shure SM85, SM87

** Wireless Microphones

  • Sennheiser Digital 6000 series
  • Sennheiser Evolution 500 series

(Both series, with Lavalier or Handheld microphone)

Fixed House PA System

  • Seven d&b audiotechnik Qi1 line array loudspeakers plus two Qi-SUB sub-woofers per side for Main Fill Left & Right
  • Eight d&b audiotechnik T10 line array loudspeakers for Main Centre Array
  • Five d&b audiotechnik 4S full range speakers for Front Fill at Front of Stage
  • Two d&b audiotechnik 10S full range speakers for Upper Gallery Fill hang on “Light Bridge 2”.
  • Two d&b audiotechnik 8S full range speakers for Gallery Side Box Fill hang on “Light Bridge 1”.
  • Six Apogee AFI-2 two-way full range speakers for surround system(Rear) installed at rear of stall, circle and upper gallery
  • BSS Soundweb programmable signal processing system with fixed EQs and system delay units

** Mobile Speakers

  • Apogee: ACS-2
  • Bose: 402, 32se
  • Duran Audio: U-14 self-power loudspeaker
  • Fender: SPL-1282, SPL-1285
  • Galaxy Audio: GHSVC monitor, GPA5XD140 self-powered monitor
  • LEM: self-powered loudspeaker SPN6A, T3A, T5A, T5MA, T5SA
  • Meyer Sound: UPM-1P self-power loudspeaker
  • Tannoy Wildcats series (Jaguar, Puma)


  • Stage Manager's desk at Stage Right with talkback system, cue light system, cast call paging system to dressing rooms, CCTV monitor viewing stage and conductor
  • Intercom system available at Theatre all control points
  • Telex Wireless intercom system
  • Infrared monitor viewing stage
  • CCTV monitors in all foyers for latecomer

Auxiliary Sound Power Supplies (220V 50Hz)

  • Side stage 32Amps single phase x 2
  • Connection - Socket

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The Academy reserves the right to amend or upgrade venue facilities without notice.
* Optional equipment for which an additional daily hire charge will apply.
** These items are shared amongst several venues - their availability for a particular hiring is at the management's sole discretion.