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Studio Theatre - Stage Information

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Stage :
  • Studio stage
  • Floor surface - painted tempered hardboard over 1" plywood
  • Stage floor loading: 500kg/m²
Flying System :
  • 2 counterweighted bars, double purchase(CW) (SWL 150kg each)
  • 2 hand winch bars (SWL 150kg each)
  • Thomas Lighting Truss frame in centre: overall size 7.22m W x 2.61m D, max. 6.35m H suspended on motorized chain hoists, max. loading capacity 1500kg
Masking :
  • Black masking flattage 1.2m W x 2.47m H
  • All walls painted black
** Stage Equipment :
  • Cougar XLT 2900 hydraulic lift (max 8.8m H)
  • Musician chairs, music stands
  • Upright piano by arrangement


The Academy reserves the right to amend or upgrade venue facilities without notice.
* Optional equipment for which an additional daily hire charge will apply.
** These items are shared amongst several venues. Their availability for a particular hiring is at the management's sole discretion.