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JK & Ingrid Lee Foundation Creative Project Fund: Announcement for 1st Round Selection and Call for 2nd Round Application

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Congratulations to the three students whose creative projects were chosen to pursue the mission of "Arts for Everyone" and promote inclusiveness through the arts.  Indeed, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts is committed to enhancing an inclusive society for everyone to enjoy performing arts equally. Our endeavour is recognised and supported by a vast community.


The JK & Ingrid Lee Foundation Creative Project Fund offers HK$180,000 to HKAPA students enrolled in the Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree programmes in the Academy to build a caring society.  They are welcome to submit their proposals, with HK$30,000 to $60,000 granted for each selected project. Students and faculty members showed great interest in this valuable offering, which demonstrated their pursuit to enhance social inclusion.


The 2nd Round Application Deadline for submitting proposal is 15 Oct 2021. Please view the Application Guidelines video to learn more:


Application Guidelines

Enquiry: Student Recruitment and Community Engagement Office (2584 8703 /

Post Date: 10 June 2021