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2021/22 JK & Ingrid Lee Creative Project Fund: Connects the Community with Me Amo Interdisciplinary Art Project

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We believe that arts can break through boundaries and open up windows for people to understand themselves and each other from various perspectives. With the support of the JK & Ingrid Lee Foundation Creative Project Fund, Michelle Lo, Year 3 student of the School of Drama, organised the Me Amo interdisciplinary art project for people with different abilities to embrace their true self and adversity through the power of performing arts, drawing inspiration from the story of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo.


Participants with various special needs were actively engaged in the journey to self-embrace. They created artwork and photography which were displayed in the Me Amo Art Exhibition and performed a devising theatre performance Encounter. Both were received with positive feedback.


Since 2019, the Creative Project Fund has granted a total of HKD $180,000 to support five students to produce meaningful projects. These creative projects have proved to make arts more accessible and enjoyable, while provoking reflection and discussion on human nature, arts and the community. We look forward to supporting more students to curate more creative projects to care for the community.