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Future Filmmaking with SPaRC

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Future Filmmaking with SPaRC

At the School of Film and Television (FTV), staff and students have the privilege to work with the latest equipment, software and state-of-the-art facilities, such as the Screen Production and Research Centre (SPaRC), established in 2020.


SPaRC aims to provide training for students in screen disciplines and interdisciplinary opportunities for all students at the Academy. Also, it will foster support for research and experimentation in screen production and presentation, such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), in conjunction with postgraduate students and in partnership with the creative industries.


At SPaRC, our alumna and Artist-in-Residence Jessey Tsang has expanded her filmmaking horizons by incorporating virtual reality in her recent work Chroma 11, which strives to reconstruct a reunion in dance for two parted souls after life. Chroma 11 is the first work from Hong Kong selected as one of the international projects of the Biennale College Cinema – Virtual Reality under the Venice Film Festival.


FTV also has a newly launched extracurricular “SPaRC Afterschool Programme”, targeting students who are interested in increasing media literacy and enhancing their experiences in film and media production. With the support of SPaRC, we look forward to recruiting and nurturing more young talents to join the industry and propel the development and innovation in film and media production.