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HKAPA Library: A Treasure House of Knowledge in Performing Arts

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HKAPA Library:  A Treasure House of Knowledge in Performing Arts

To performing arts enthusiasts, watching master performances, researching and studying these performances, or comparing different versions of interpretations are golden opportunities to further their understanding in performing arts and enhance their performing skills.

The HKAPA Library keeps an invaluable Electronic and Digital Collection and Academy Archives that include unique collections from all over the world and from different eras. These bountiful resources, which can offer excellent references for people to learn and study different performing arts, include:

  • The Ernest Read Orchestral Collection: Donated by Academy Honourary Fellow Mr Henry Weinrebe, the Collection contains around 120,000 pages of scores which were digitised from over 900 pieces of music written by well-known composers from Bach to Britten, Handle to Walton, which covers overtures, symphonies, concertos, suites and ballet music.
  • HKAPA Digital: A digital platform for the Academy Archives and local performing arts resources. These materials include annual publications of the Academy and works created and/or performed by our staff and students, donated works by local artists, and productions by local art groups.
  • Electronic Resources: These resources include over 80 databases related to performing arts subscribed to by the Library. This year the Library includes LinkedIn Learning, a self-learning online platform, which offers more than 17,400 short courses on commerce, technologies and creative technology.
  • Graduate profiles: The Collection showcases our graduates from the School of Drama, Dance, and Theatre and Entertainment Arts and their accomplishments during their years of undergraduate studies at the Academy.

We believe our sizeable and diversified resources will be able to inspire your creativity and help you develop your career in performing arts.