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Identify Performing Art Talents with Our New PRS Website

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​Identify Performing Art Talents with Our New PRS Website

Since the launch of the HKAPA Principal’s Recommendation Scheme (PRS), the Scheme has been warmly welcomed by secondary schools in Hong Kong. For 2022/23 Academic year, we have received 213 nominations to apply for the Undergraduate programmes offered by the Academy.

In order to assist Principals, Career Masters and Counsellors to identify students with potentials and talents in their schools, the Academy has set up a new website for the Scheme.  It provides reference information about the learning experiences obtained by students successfully enrolled into our programmes according to the different majors provided by our six Schools.

These references include:

  • Recommended personalities and skills required
  • Learning experience and interest group participation in secondary school
  • Extra-curricular trainings and production or performance experiences
  • Participation in relevant competitions and awards
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