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School Outreach Activities

Throughout the year, SRCE offers various performing arts activities and events for secondary school students to get valuable exposure to performing arts, stimulating their imagination and creativity, cultivating sense of aesthetics and appreciation of arts, and achieving whole-person development.

Creative Journey
Creative Journey 2021/22 key visual

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Creative Journey is an outreach programme which offers a wide range of performing arts activities in Chinese Opera, Dance, Drama, Film and Television, Music, and Theatre and Entertainment Arts, including stage performances, workshops, film screenings and exhibition guided tours, etc. Secondary school students will have the chance to enrich their knowledge and broaden their horizons in history, culture and social phenomena through performing arts experiences.

Exciting events for 2021/22 are open for registration.  Join us to embark on the Creative Journey! All activities are free of charge. Reserve now before all seats are gone!


Other Outreach Activities
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Drama 2.0 Workshop

The “Drama 2.0” workshop introduces the teaching and learning modes of the School of Drama, which is a good foretaste of drama classes at the Academy for secondary school students. Participants will gain a better understanding of the campus life of the Academy and the drama training processes through a series of vocal and movement exercises, acting practices, and interaction with the performers and School faculty. It can be arranged at secondary school by request.



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Opera Scenes School Tour

To strengthen the connection with local secondary schools and raise secondary students’ interest in classical music and opera singing, the vocal students of the School of Music present scenes from different operas at secondary schools on a regular basis.